Autism Therapeutics Featured in Neurotech Insights

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Autism Therapeutics was featured in the December, 2012 Issue of Neurotech Insights (titled “Neuroregeneration”) published by NeuroInsights. Neurotech Insights is a source for competitive intelligence on the neurotechnology industry. Every monthly issue contains: Neurotech Market Activity Analysis Clinical Trials and Product News Alerts Recent Deals, Alliances, and Financings Stock Tracking and Performance Data Featured Company Profile Editorial Articles on Hot Topics Each issue includes an in-depth topic review.  Recent issues focused on sleep disorders, depression, multiple...

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A double-blind placebo-controlled trial of fluoxetine for repetitive behaviors and global severity in adult autism spectrum disorders

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The effects of fluoxetine and placebo on repetitive behaviors and global severity were compared in adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). Adults with ASDs were enrolled in a 12-week double-blind placebo-controlled fluoxetine trial. Thirty-seven were randomly assigned to fluoxetine (N=22) or placebo (N=15). Dosage followed a fixed schedule, starting at 10 mg/day and increasing as tolerated up to 80 mg/day. Repetitive behaviors were measured with the compulsion subscale of the Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale; the Clinical Global Impression (CGI) improvement scale was used to rate...

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An Open-label Trial of Risperidone and Fluoxetine in Children with Autistic Disorder

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Various studies have shown the effectiveness of risperidone and fluoxetine in the management of behavioral problems in autism. The purpose of this study was to compare these two drugs in the management of behavioral problems in autism. Forty children with autism were divided into 2 groups in a 16-week open trial that compared these two drugs. Parents rated the children using the Aberrant Behavior Checklist (ABC) and the Conners’ Parent Rating Scale – Revised (CPRS-R). The author rated the children using the Children’s Psychiatric Rating Scale and Clinical Global Impression...

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Clinical prediction rules: new opportunities for pharma

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Clinical prediction rules (CPRs) are important tools in the development of an evidence-based, personalized medical system. This article compares CPRs to other medical information tools, giving solvent examples of their clinical application and potential to increase efficacy and efficiency, as well as their utility in drug development. The primary focus is on the potential of CPRs to define the most effective level of generalization, predictably and reproducibly identifying homogenous groups of subjects (based on outcome) in heterogeneous and undifferentiated trial populations. This potential...

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Clinical Prediction Guides: Novel Enrichment Strategies Create New Partnering Opportunities

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The promise of personalized medicine is having a profound impact on the healthcare industry. It promises to change the way healthcare is delivered and how drugs and diagnostics are developed. Pharma companies are still worried. They do not understand how this area will play out and are risk-averse to working in the brave new world of RxDx regulation. In addition, the ability to mine large databases for clinical, genetic, and prescription drug information must be balanced against an individual’s rights of privacy—yet another issue that must be resolved before the widespread use of...

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A placebo controlled crossover trial of liquid fluoxetine on repetitive behaviors in childhood and adolescent autism

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Repetitive behaviors are a core symptom domain in autism that has been linked to alterations in the serotonin system. While the selective serotonin-receptive inhibitor fluvoxamine has been shown to be effective in adults with autism, as yet no published placebo controlled trials with these agents document safety and efficacy in children with autism. This study examines the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor liquid fluoxetine in the treatment of repetitive behaviors in childhood and adolescent autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). In total, 45 child or adolescent patients with ASD were...

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