Our Partners


Since its inception in 1852, Mount Sinai has been at the vanguard of scientific discovery. In 2011, MSSM received NIH Research Awards of $190.5 million, filed over 70 patents and maintained over 64 revenue generating licenses. Technology developed by MSSM was utilized in the development of the market flu vaccine FluMist and the only FDA approved drug for Fabry’s Disease, FabraZyme.


Catalent Pharma Solutions, Inc. is a world leader in solutions and drug delivery technologies for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and consumer health industry worldwide. Catalent’s global operation packages over 1000 billion units annually and serves 36 of the top 50 biotech companies and 49 of the 50 top pharmaceutical companies. Catalent’s intellectual property in oral, injectable, and respiratory dosage forms and advanced drug packaging includes over 1,200 patents and patent applications.


Personalized Pharmaceutical Systems (PPS) is a cutting-edge clinical trial enrichment company that has developed an advanced technology in phenomics to identify and characterize specific treatment response related subgroups in complex diagnostic areas. This technology is specifically designed to enhance Phase II-IV clinical trials and dramatically reduce the risks associated with drug development and post-market entry phases. PPS technology has a particular affinity for CNS and immunological disorders, but has applicability in a wide range of medical conditions.