Our History

AT was founded in 2010 by Dr. Paul Herscu, Charles Merriman,  and Professor Michael Snape to bring new medicines to market for patients suffering with autism and related disorders. One of the key founding principles was the commitment to implementing a more dynamic approach to clinical development in the field of autism.

Management considered AT001 to be the best opportunity to bring a new, safe and effective drug treatment to patients suffering with autism in near term. AT001 has a rich history involving collaboration from multiple parties. Professor Eric Hollander, while at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, was awarded  Orphan Drug Designation in 1999 for the use of fluoxetine (the active pharmaceutical ingredient in AT001) in the treatment of autism. After conducting multiple clinical trial showing efficacy, the program was in-licensed by Neuropharm, a previosuly UK publically listed biotech company. After significant product development in partnership with Catalent Pharma Solutions, Inc., and a large scale clinical trial, Autism Therapeutics, which had developed a specific strategy to add considerable value to the AT001 program through the use of proprietary autism clinical development expertise, purchased Neuropharm in 2010 to take over the development of AT001.